Solar Genesys, Inc.

Bringing power to natural disaster situations, remote locations, or forward-operating bases.

Renewable Energy.

Solar Genesys, Inc. is a U.S.-based benefit corporation dedicated to the production of a self-deployable solar-powered electrical apparatus. We design, manufacture, sell and service rapidly deployable, solar photovoltaic systems for use in off-grid locations. Contained in a single shipping container, our system can be transported anywhere, including natural disaster situations, remote locations or forward operating bases.

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Our Team

Founders of Solar Genesys, Inc.
Walter Cowham

Walter Cowham

Inventor, Co-Founder
Working as a licensed electrician, Cowham has over ten years of experience in the field of alternative energy and has developed a self-deployable solar generation system that can provide power to any off-grid location.
Paul Lyons

Paul Lyons

Working on solar projects for over twenty years in local New England and overseas in Haiti and Mexico, Lyons has extensive experience in solar design, consulting, management, and installation.


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